Enoshima is Using VACAN to Visualize Crowd Level

VACAN is being used in Enoshima, at the popular tourist attraction, Enoshima Sea Candle. By displaying the crowd level of the facility at the ticket booth, it can help increase the customer satisfaction rate while optimizing efficiency.

Enoshima is a popular tourist attraction both inside and outside of Japan. The Enoshima Sea Candle, where Mt. Fuji can be seen, is especially popular, and at times the wait is over 50 minutes.

There is a distance between the ticket booth at the observation deck, and since there are several different types of tickets, sometimes there are customers who want to choose the ticket depending on how long they have to wait for the observation deck. Before, the staff at the ticket booth had to call the staff at the observation deck to check how crowded it was, but after installing VACAN, the operation became more efficient.


A digital signage that displays the real-time crowd level of the observation deck will be set up at the ticket booth. This will make it easier for customers to check so they don’t need to ask the staff. The information will be displayed in both English and Japanese.

Increasing the convenience of Enoshima with VACAN

Before, the staff had to call each other to check the crowd level, increasing their workload. They decided to install VACAN, so the real-time crowd level can be displayed on the digital signage.

As of May 30, 2020, the digital signages are placed in two ticket booths. Other than the real-time crowd level of the Sea Candle, it shows whether the observation deck can be used or not.

There are a few different sizes, and the ticket booth at the Enoshima Escar uses the large and small signage, while the Samuel Cocking Garden uses the medium signage.

The signage changes between Japanese and English every few seconds.

VACAN & Preventing the Spread of COVID-19

Up until now, the goal of VACAN’s services have been to decrease wait-time by distributing the real-time vacancy information. However, from now on, in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we feel that, our service can help prevent crowds by letting users know the crowd level without physically going there.


After installing VACAN, customers can check if the observation deck at the Enoshima Sea Candle is crowded or not from the ticket booth. The crowd level is displayed in English and Japanese, and is easy to use for tourists.