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What is AirKnock Ads?

A small digital signage will be installed in the restroom stall. You will be able to earn revenue from the ads played and also notify the user, when there are queues. AirKnock Ads helps prevent queues and reduce crowds.

AirKnock Ads

Characteristics of AirKnock Ads

  • AirKnock Ads

    Installation Fee Starting at ¥0

    We currently have a “free installation” plan.

    ※ Offers may change without notice.

  • AirKnock Ads

    Monetize the Restroom

    Receive a portion of the advertising revenues from AirKnock Ads.

  • AirKnock Ads

    Mitigate Queues

    Our service helps prevent queues by changing the content displayed when there are people waiting.

Main Devices

  • AirKnock Ads Signage

    A small signage will be stored in a case and installed on the wall of the stall.

  • Usage Status Sensor

    A small sensor will be installed on the door of the stall. The usage status obtained from the sensors will be sent to the signage.

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AirKnock Ads

AirKnock Ads will make the
restroom a comfortable place

  • Accurately Detect Queues

    We will control what is displayed on the signage using our proprietary technology. It can prevent queues and from the restroom getting crowded.

  • Safe Ads

    We will strictly screen the contents of the ads to ensure that they do not damage the brand image of the property or make users uncomfortable. The ads will generally have no sound.

  • No Negative Impact on Appearance

    The signage will be placed in a simple case, and the display brightness can be adjusted.

Restroom signage that is
appreciated by users

AirKnock Ads can lead to an increase in user satisfaction,
because instead of just playing ads, you can also mitigate queues.

  • I think it’s great that we can see the vacancy information and how long the restroom has been in use. I don’t see the long lines anymore. (30s, female)

  • I see the ads but it doesn’t bother me, in fact, I’m amazed that this is what lowers the cost of the service. (50s, male)

※ Results from a tenant survey taken at an office building in Tokyo.

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