• VACAN Maps

    Distribute the real-time “availability” or “congestion” information of stores or facilities on the map. It can be used in various domains.

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    Automatically detect congestion in facilities using camera and AI, and display that information on the digital signage or website.

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  • Q Ticket

    This is an online queue management service. Customers can issue a ticket online or from the device by the store, so they can wait without standing in line.

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  • AutoKeep

    A service that allows stores, such as cafes, to accept reservations while maintaining the turnover rate. Our device will be set up by the wall or on the table.

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  • Mitigate Restroom Queues

    A service that allows facilities to visualize restroom queues, prevent overstaying, and monetize the restroom by distributing ads in the stall.

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