Accept reservations while
maintaining the turnover rate
Reservation service for booth seats

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What is AutoKeep?

Maintain turnover rate and accept reservations with a tablet!

To use AutoKeep, we will install our tablet by the table.

Customers can make reservations from the designated website, and once they arrive, they can enter their reservation number in the tablet to start using.
If the table is not reserved, customers can start using it after entering the information on the tablet.

Stores will be able to accept reservations while maintaining the turnover rate, and it can also be used to manage table charges.

All you have to do is install the tablet
Can be used after setting up the tablet by the booth seat. There is no need for the staff to place “reserved” signs on the tables.
Customers can use without reserving, so it will not affect turnover rate
If the table is not reserved, customers can use it right away, so the turnover rate can be maintained.
Installed in major cafe chains
AutoKeep is being used in several major cafe chains.

Suitable places for Autokeep

  • Cafes

    The number of people working at cafes have increased, so AutoKeep can be installed in booth seats or seats with outlets available. AutoKeep can also manage table charges.

  • Offices and Coworking Spaces

    Can be set up in the online meeting booths. It is more flexible than meeting room reservation systems, so complaints about the table being used even if they reserved can be prevented.

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