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What is AirKnock Ads?

Airknock Ads is a service that distributes ads on the signage installed in the restroom stalls in office buildings.

AirKnock Ads

Airknock Ads
makes it easier
to reach out to
business people

AirKnock Ads is mainly installed in urban office buildings.
The ads will be played on a small digital signage installed in the stall.

The restrooms are used by many different kinds of people.
With AirKnock Ads, you will be able to reach out to industries and domains you couldn’t before.

AirKnock Ads

It’s more effective
it’s a private space.

The restroom is one of the few places where employees can rest during work.

Since your ad will be played in a private space where it will stand out, a high delivery rate can be expected.

With Airknock Ads, you will be able to explain the service in detail or have users remember the product name by playing the video in a loop.

Airknock Ads is being
used in many different industries

Products range from BtoB softwares to foods.
Advertisers range from startups to enterprises,
Airknock Ads works for any industry.

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