A service that lets you visualize the real time
vacancy information of facilities

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What is VACAN Maps?

VACAN Maps is a platform where facilities can easily share the real time vacancy information!

Can be used in various ways, such as to bring in customers who are close by, or let regular customers know if they can come over without calling.

In order to make it easier to update the status, we prepared a button device.
You can change it in between tasks, so VACAN Maps can also be used in busy facilities.

What are VACAN's restroom congestion visualization services?

Strengths of VACAN Maps

  • Perfect for both new and regular customers

    Post the link to VACAN on your website or social media pages to attract new customers. For regulars, if they know about VACAN, they can check if it’s busy without calling!

  • Change the status at the touch of a button

    Press the button according to the level of congestion! You will be able to attract customers close by who are looking for facilities they can go into right away.

  • Hold for 10 minutes! Manage last minute reservations

    Customers can request to hold the table for 10 minutes. The staff can accept or decline by listening to the automated call and pressing the respective buttons.

Suitable places for VACAN Maps

  • Facilities with a lot of regulars

    Improve customer satisfaction to increase regulars! It is convenient for customers because they don’t have to call to check if there are tables available.

  • Facilities on the upper floors or in the basement

    For facilities on these floors, it’s difficult to get new customers or advertise. With VACAN Maps, all the facilities will be displayed the same way, making it easier to find. You can also add the option to install the digital signage in front of the facility.

  • Facilities can help provide safety and security for customers by visualizing the level of congestion

    Many customers want to enjoy their time without worrying about crowds. With VACAN, facilities can share the real-time congestion information as well as the time they’re usually not as busy. They can also write down what kind of measures they’re taking against COVID-19 to protect customers and employees.

Case Studies

  • Ramen Gantetsu

    For the popular ramen store in Waseda, “Ramen Gantetsu”, it was normal to see customers waiting and forming lines outside. However, due to COVID-19, they felt the need to prevent crowds so they decided to use VACAN Maps to let customers know the level of congestion without calling or visiting.

  • Tachinomiya Jandara

    It was difficult for new customers to enter “Tachinomiya Jandara”, in Nakano-sakaue, because you cannot see inside. By using VACAN Maps, they can share the level of congestion on the map in real time.

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