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What is Q ticket?

Q ticket is a queues management system by accepting check-ins and creating waitlists from the tablet in front of the store or online.
The real-time waiting status can be viewed from smartphones and PCs, making it easier to help customers.

Users will receive a notification when their turn approaches so they don’t have to wait in front of the store.
There is no need to place a staff to manage the lines, and it can also prevent crowding in the waiting area.

This service supports multiple languages.

Q ticketとは?

Strengths of Q ticket

  • All you have to do it install a tablet and printer

    Nothing extensive. Only a small space where a stand with a tablet and printer attached to it can be places is required. It can be moved to the side when Q ticket is not in use.

  • There is also an option to do everything online without installing the tablet

    If you do not need the printed tickets, it can be done online. You can set up a poster with the QR code in front of the restaurant/store or notify customers on your website or social media pages.

  • Can be paired with the digital signage

    The waiting status can be displayed on the digital signage. It can also be combined with VACAN’s other services to display the congestion status of each restaurant/store in the facility.

Suitable places for Q Ticket

  • Restaurants

    Perfect for restaurants that are always crowded but do not accept reservations. You can also choose to use it only during the time you do not accept reservations.

  • Pop-up Shops

    Can smoothly assist customers with new products or products that are limited in quantites.

  • Department Stores

    Q ticket is being used at places where services take some time, such as cosmetics counters, gift shops, event venues, etc.

  • Event Venues

    Q ticket is being used where the client wants to manage the entry of customers by block.

Case Studies

  • GRANSTA Tokyo (Tetsudo Kaikan Co., Ltd)

    Q ticket is being used in restaurants/stores in the largest in-station facility in northeast Japan. It has created an environment where customers can wait without frustration in places where it is difficult to create lines.

  • Men Mitsuwi

    Men Mitsuwi, a popular ramen store that received the Michelin ‘Bib Gourmand’, decided to use Q ticket because their store is on a private road, making it difficult for customers to line up. Even if they only have two people, they are able to operate Q ticket, and it has helped prevent lines from forming.

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