Bring Safety and Convenience to the Community

Congestion Information Service
for Local Governments

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  • Vacan, Inc. is a certified “J-Startup Company” selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry.

Have you given up on doing something about congestion?

Congestion can happen anywhere, such as government offices, hospitals, evacuation centers, and even polling places.
Are you starting to think that nothing can be done about it?
For citizens, not only are congestions inconvenient, but because of the pandemic, it can also make them experience anxiety.

The congestion information service, VACAN,
will help create a safe and convenient community

VACAN will detect the availability and congestion information of various places,
and distribute that information so it can be viewed on smartphones and PCs.

It’s also a part of various smart city projects,
and can be used in the entire area.

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Case Studies


Evacuation Centers

Many local governments use VACAN to distribute the congestion information of evacuation centers (we can provide the service for free if conditions are met).


Tourist Attractions

In an effort to safely bring back tourists, we have partnered up with several local governments to distribute the congestion information of tourist attractions.


Shopping Districts and Institutions

With our service, you can increase the convenience of your community by analyzing the shopping behavior patterns of customers in shopping districts, distributing the congestion information of hospitals and parking lots, etc.

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