Providing a Safe Environment for Guests at Hotels/Inns With VACAN AIS

VACAN offers a solution where you can visualize and distribute the real-time crowd-level information of restaurants to guests.

Increase in the Importance of Preventing Crowds from Forming Due to COVID-19

The restaurants getting crowded has been an issue for hotels and inns even before COVID-19

Sample Image of Hotel Buffets (Image from Mehmet A. at Pixabay)

With the ongoing pandemic, it has become even more important to avoid crowds from forming, and many hotels and inns wanted to visualize the real-time crowd level of these areas so guests can check the information from their rooms. This is a service that can be used with and post-COVID-19.

Visualize and distribute the real-time congestion information of hotels and inns with VACAN

VACAN has several solutions that can visualize the crowd level of restaurants at hotels and inns.

ーAutomatically evaluate congestion status with AIS

If you would like to automatically detect the congestion status, we recommend AIS. A camera will be installed on the ceiling of the restaurant and after the initial setup, it will detect the entry and exit.

Sample image of AIS installed in restaurants

ーIf you would like to cut back on costs, you can use the IoT button and manually change the status

To lower the costs, there is an option to manually update the crowd level by using the IoT button. It can be used right away after being plugged-in.

Sample image of the button

Easy to explain to guests

The crowd level information gathered from the AIS and the IoT button, can be distributed to digital signages, or online so guests can check from their smartphones. In hotels and inns that explain this service to guests during check-in, almost all the guests have accessed the page at least once.

Sample UI

Feedback from Clients Using VACAN AIS and IoT Button

From clients using the AIS and the IoT button, we have received feedback such as “We feel relieved by all the support we have received,” “It’s not expensive and is easy to use,” and “We can set ourselves apart from our competitors with the measures we are taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keeping our guests safe”.

Contact VACAN to Solve Queue/Crowd Problems for Restaurants!

If you are interested in installing VACAN’s AIS or the IoT button to improve customer satisfaction amid the pandemic, please contact us from here. You can also download the ebook for hotels/inns.

If you are also facing the same problems in your public bath/hot springs, please check here.